This is Me

I gloriously spread paint across a blank canvas communicating my awe with these amazing materials.  How to turn feeling into a vision on a flat surface?  The only way I know to do it is be excited! 

That green I smear makes me excited when it touches that blue I added just minutes before. And I drag my tools over the paint waiting for a signal that will guide me about what to do next.

I want to share this wonder with you, I want you to connect and response. What do you see and feel?

I live in the land of Carolina blue skies, lovely North Carolina!  Rivers and streams and greens - many greens.  


And now, I paint.  With a degree in Art, but a need for a steady income, I worked in the corporate world for 25 years.  Night and weekends I painted, trying to work out just what I want to say, and why I want to say it with paint.  I never have had a clear answer as to WHY?  But I am drawn to the canvas and paint again and again.  I kept plugging along through the years when I could only focus on it part time.

For the past six years I have finally been able to paint full time - and every day I explore my WHY?  And everyday I return and play in color and light.  I see the light coming through foliage, or the mountain vistas and I am called to create.  I search for a way to interpret something beautiful in a way that allows others to respond from their own experiences.  

 My desire is to create beautiful paintings that you will look at again and again.